About the Show

The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience has been wowing fans all over Ireland as the greatest tribute to the best selling solo artist of the 20th Century –Garth Brooks.

Trevor Smith & Friends In Low Places turn up the heat at Dublin's Vicar St.

Certified by the RIAA as the #1 selling solo artist in US history, Garth Brooks has sold in excess of 128 million albums. He is the only solo artist in RIAA history to have 6 albums top the 10 million mark. His most recent release The Ultimate Hits has been certified 5 x platinum. November 6, 2007 saw the launch of the pink edition of The Ultimate hits available only at the Susan G Komen website. His body of work – including the groundbreaking No Fences, Ropin The Wind, The Hits, and Double Live – propelled country music as a genre to the front pages of newspapers worldwide and the covers of magazines, to the point where Forbes declared on its cover, “Country Conquers Rock” and featured Garth in a major music piece. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Garth Brooks is the top-selling solo artist of the 20th century.

He has reached the widest possible audience, gained phenomenal success, yet still retained the basic ingredients of country music. There is no compromise. It has been said that through the 1990s Garth’s only real competition was himself. He brought daring individualism and a love of music, ranging from working class blues and honky-tonk to bluegrass and arena rock, to the musical table, and he had the talent to serve it up tastily. His easy-going, approachable charisma was matched only by his fearless willingness to take chances and step outside the lines. He has had an unprecedented run, and opened the doors for many more country artists to follow.

In April of 1994, when Garth played at the Point in Dublin, he promised the Irish people he would return – with cameras. Three years later he did just that. Three shows quickly sold out for Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium May 16 – 18, 1997, nearly 150,000 tickets. The previous sales record was set by U2 in 1992. Polls showed that one in every twenty people in Ireland wanted to attend the concerts.

VH-1′s Mark Hagen described the show as “…a genuine spectacle, with a stage stretching the length of Croke Park that completely filled the field of vision with a panoply of ramps, catwalks, platforms, flying saucers, streamers, glitter, explosions, not one but two helicopters, and Trisha Yearwood! Highlight of the set for me had to be 40,000 people singing ‘Unanswered Prayers’ and Garth’s fantastic solo version of ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ from a tiny platform in the middle of the crowd.”

The NBC TV special, ‘Garth Brooks: Ireland and Back’, first aired on March 5th 1998. TV Guide named the special its Editor’s Choice for the night. Over 15.7 million people tuned in!

Trevor and the boys rock it out at Dublin's Vicar St.

World class lighting production at Dublin's Vicar St.

The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience

In October 2009, 8 years after trading in his Stetson Garth Brooks announced that he was coming back out of retirement to perform weekly at the world renowned Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, and with the possibility of a world tour on the cards within 3-4 years. This resulted in a resurrection of the Garth Brooks phenomenon worldwide and in particular in Ireland where Garth has always been close to the hearts of his many fans here. As a result of this “The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience” was born to fulfill the musical want of his greatest fans across Ireland and Europe. Trevor Smith has always been recognized as one of the best Garth Brooks lookalike’s and soundalike’s in the country and between himself and lead guitarist Ken Gillic they started up a tribute show in 2009 which has developed into the exciting and electrifying world class production we see today.

The show consists of a live 8 piece band made up of some of the best musicians around, to replicate the completely live and exciting show that Garth himself is renowned for.

Friends In Low Places – The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience has been performing in venues across Ireland, the UK and Europe and has been receiving an overwhelming reaction

The show is currently touring throughout Ireland and the there are also plans being finalized for a European tour in Spring 2012 and an Australian Tour in Autumn 2012. If you haven’t yet seen this show, check out our event guide for upcoming events. You canalso purchase our Live at The TLT DVD from our web shop.


15 responses to “About the Show”

  1. Martha Byrne

    Saw the show on saturday night in TLT, Drogheda. What a fantastic show. It was absolutely brilliant. Would love to see it again. Great bonus having Don Baker on. He can certaintly rock with the best of them. Best nights entertainment ever. Good luck lads.

  2. trina

    best show i have been at in a long time. cant wait to see it again

  3. Mark Connors

    Went to see the show in Vicar Street lads, it was quality. Great night, similarities are uncanny. The show was brilliant. Top drawer, please come back to Dublin asap. Il be bringing a big crowd with me

  4. Ona

    Saw in Killarney, Brilliant, some fiddle player!

  5. Eileen McElhinney

    Congratulations lads brilliant show.(TLT Drogheda)Have a great tour and hopefully will get to see you all before you get back to Dublin.

  6. maureen

    was at castlebar show last nite, 24 sept, what a show!!truley amazing, was blown away!!!will definatley be back again, soon ,hopefully!!!

  7. Ona

    Was in Waterford, Killarney and Waterford again, just booked Kilkenny, I AM ADDICTED! Brilliant! Ona

  8. Shelli

    Saw the show on saturday night in TLT, Drogheda. What a fantastic show. It was absolutely brilliant. Would love to see it again. Great bonus having Don Baker on. He can certaintly rock with the best of them. Best nights entertainment ever. Good luck lads.

  9. boo ya

    is garth brooks comin 2 ireland in 2012 do any1 kno ?

  10. Lisa

    At the show in the Hudson bay last night unreal show !! Best night out in ages . These guys know how to put on a show will definately be checking out future dates !!!!

  11. Val Stone

    Just returned from seeing the show in Guildford with my husband, daughter and two grandchildren, 11 & 9. OMG, what a great evening! This is the closest we’ll ever get to Garth I guess, but aside from that, this band were absolutely fantastic, how nice to meet them after the show, how friendly and patiently they posed for pictures with the kids. We were a small audience but hopefully made up for it with our enthusiasm and they played as if they were playing to thousands! Well done guys, can’t wait to see you again sometime. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Debbie Ellis

    Saw the show in Peterborough. It was fantastic!Brilliant ! Thoroughly entertaining! Can’t understand why more people weren’t there. If you come back to England again we will be there! Thanks so much !!

  13. Josephine Byrne

    Missed Trevor and his band in Mullingar there in June , but will definitely will not miss again when inn town (went to secondary school with Trevor)

  14. Mary Holden

    Hi had a fantastic night in the Forum Waterford, I would love if ye come to Kilkenny to play, but I may go to Wexford to see next month, absolutely brilliant, I would recommend this show to anyone!